Frequently Asked Questions about AddBike+

How is the braking on the AddBike+ managed (with/without module)?

The AddBike+ comes with a special brake system, which allows symmetrical braking on both wheels. The handle of this system is installed directly on your handlebars. There is no operation to perform on the brake system of your bike, only the front brake handle needs to be shifted slightly to make room for the brake handle of the AddBike+.

I'm looking for more stability on bike, can the AddBike+ help me?

Despite its two wheels, the AddBike doesn’t bring more stability to the cyclist than a traditional bike. In fact, both wheels tilt to provide maneuverability while riding, it’s a tilting system. The AddBike therefore requires a small learning phase. In order to drive an AddBike, the same amount of balance as a normal bike is required. We know that many people with a lack of balance or with disabilities would like to be able to ride a bike: we have developed a two-wheeled accessory to turn your own bike into a stable tricycle. Discover the B-Back!

What is the maximum weight that can be carried?

The AddBike, with or without a module, can carry up to 35 kg. The system has been laboratory tested to make sure that this transported weight does not damage your bike’s fork under all riding circumstances and regardless of the fork design. Riding the AddBike will be more comfortable up to a weight of approx. 20 – 25 kg. It is also advisable to load the AddBike by putting the heaviest loads at the bottom, closest to the backrest of the AddBike.

At what age can a child be transported in the Carry'Box Kid?

The limit is more in relation to the size of the child. We have designed our hammock so that a child of about 85 cm can sit on it and be comfortable. It is essential that your child can sit on his own and hold their head up when sitting on the AddBike. The maximum height of the child is about 1.2 m, so that he or she remains comfortable in the Carry’Box Kid’s interior.

Is there a two-child version of the Carry 'Box Kid?

No sorry, only a one-child version of the Carry’Box Kid is available now. The AddBike team is currently developing a new version that will be suitable for two children, but still within the overall weight limit of 35 kg transported. In the meantime, you can transport your two children by placing the bigger one in the AddBike and the smaller one on the back of your bike, in a traditional child seat.

Which U-Cargo is for me?
  • Get around town every day with this electric cargo bike designed for everyday cyclists with the U-Cargo Lite! It is an electric bike that will allow you to transport up to 2 children or 80 kg of loads or belongings thanks to its modular rear loading space.
  • Or discover the U-Cargo Junior, the perfect family bike for the daily school-work-home trips! It is a long tail bike ideal for parents who wish to transport children while guaranteeing their comfort on board. In fact, it is recommended for the transport of children thanks to the reinforced security provided by its protective bars. This practical electric bicycle offers a payload of 180 kg.
  • And last but not least, you can take advantage of the complete and high quality equipment of the U-Cargo Family longtail bike! With this compact, longtail electric bicycle, you can travel with your two children in complete safety and comfort. This is a longtail bike that will become a real ally in the life of a busy parent!
How the AddBike+ is made?

The AddBike+ and its modules are designed in Lyon, in our design office. We then call on several suppliers and subcontractors, most of them in France, to produce the mechanical parts that make up our products. The assembly is carried out on our premises in Villeurbanne.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to the following countries only

  • United Kingdom
  • Poland