Cargo Bike Trailer Kit – Perfect for Carrying Heavy Loads


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Cargo Bike Trailer Kit – The Simple And Safe Solution For Carrying Everyday Business

Cargo bike kit: turn your bike into a three-wheeler by replacing your bike’s front wheel with the Carry’Box. It will then become a compact and dynamic cargo bike for you to transport any type of loads. The installation of this system only takes a few minutes and is reversible!

The box is designed to be placed on the AddBike + base thanks to its metal structure and its textile envelope. The resulting carrier can carry up to 110 liters for 35kg/77lbs : bulky loads, shopping… You’ll therefore be able to easily travel miles with your belongings thanks to our high capacity cargo bike kit!

More Information About The Carry’box

  • Frame: steel
  • Shock-Resist : rigid metal frame
  • See-Me : reflective strips to see and be seen
  • Rain-Blocker : waterproof cover
  • Clean-Canvas: large white customizable area with sticker
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Space available inside: L/42 cm x W/45 cm x H/64 cm
  • Storage capacity: 110L
  • Transport load capacity: 35 kg maximum
  • Textile: Water-repellent and PVC fabric
  • Lid: Resealable

Compatible With Many Bikes

The AddBike + and its kits are intended to be universal and can be mounted on almost all bicycles available on the cycle market today: whether electric or not, mountain bike or hybrid bike, folding, thru-axle or 20″ wheels…
Check the compatibility table:

Dynamic Driving

Want to keep your bike maneuverable while carrying loads at the same time? The Curve-Assist system of the AddBike+ allows you to lean the 2 wheels with you to the sides when cornering (technology similar to that of “3-wheel scooters”).
This doubly patented technology brings several things:
– When turning, the wheels lean to the side like on a conventional bicycle, but the base of the AddBike+ remains parallel to the road: less jolts for what is being transported,
– The differential inclination of the wheels is also one of the characteristics of the Curve-Assist technology. When cornering, the inner wheel tilts more than the outer wheel in order to keep more storage space while remaining manageable! Indeed, the purpose of the AddBike+ is to transport more by bike!
Please note: this technology is not designed for cyclists looking for the stability that a scooter can provide. Even if the AddBike+ offers you two additional wheels at the front of your bike, riding requires as much ease and balance as a conventional bike. If you do not feel comfortable on a classic bike or if you have mobility and/or balance problems, the AddBike+ is not recommended.


The accessory is delivered as a kit to be assembled. A notice is delivered to you with and tutorial videos can guide you!


Designed and assembled in France – 2 years warranty

WARNING:  As the AddBike+ has a tilting wheel system, it is not suitable for people who are looking for stability on a bicycle (disabled people, people with reduced mobility, etc.). It allows a very dynamic driving which differs from that of a traditional bicycle. A short time of adaptation is necessary before adopting it completely!

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 42 × 45 × 64 cm


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